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Nokia CardPhone 2.0 Modem Setup

Adds „Nokia CardPhone 2.0“ to the list of available modems in your Newton. Tested on my upgraded MP2000. Should work on all Newton-modells with OS2.x. Internet dialup and fax send and receive works without any problem with this setup! Download : Nokia CardPhone 2.0 … Weiterlesen

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NewtSMS 1.10beta

NewtSMS: send and receive SMS (ShortMessageService) with your Nokia CardPhone 2.0 (and some other GSM-mobil phones) – Stefan Auweiler and friends Download : NewtSMS+ Version 1.10beta (ZIP-Archive)

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Currency Updater: Newton Software made by Christian Fiutak

CurrencyUpdater2.0 V 0.2 (2001.01.19) Based on the free service „The E-Mail Currency Update Service™“ I decided to create the CurrencyUpdater2.0. Here is a short manual : backup your Newton (this is beta software!) use it on your own risk! subscribe to The E-Mail Currency Update Service™„ … Weiterlesen

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